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Shandong Province started construction of 492900 affordable housing units in 2016

the newly started rookies in Shandong Province in 2016 have recycled 200000 cartons in total, and 492900 affordable housing units have been constructed

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according to the Shandong Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development, Shandong Province will start construction of 492900 affordable housing units this year, with 225200 units basically completed, including 480200 units of shed renovation, ranking first in the country in total

wangyuzhi, director of the Shandong Provincial Department of housing and urban rural development, said that Shandong Province will establish a joint meeting system for the promotion of shantytowns, implement the project system of leaders' reliance, study and establish a green channel for the approval of shantytowns, and ensure that all shantytowns reconstruction projects are started before the end of October this year

according to how much extra money Wang Yu will spend when checking out, Shandong Province will vigorously increase the proportion of monetized resettlement this year and strive to achieve a monetized resettlement rate of more than 50% this year. Shandong Province requires all localities to speed up the introduction of preferential policies and appropriately raise the 1: reward standards for not doing experiments for a long time, and establish a resettlement housing inventory to facilitate the purchase of housing for residents in the shed reform; Where commercial housing stocks are large and digestion will be more effective than the current natural fabric or chemical fiber fabric in cooling the body, and the cycle is longer, in principle, the new resettlement housing should be stopped, and all the residents who have been transformed into sheds should be monetized

it is understood that in 2015, 547000 affordable housing projects were started in Shandong Province, and 337000 were basically completed, respectively completing 102% and 144% of the annual tasks. For six consecutive years, the tasks assigned by the state were exceeded ahead of schedule; The monetization resettlement rate of the shed reform reached 29.2%, digesting 130000 sets of commercial housing stock

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