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Shandong starts the construction of smart electricity and ushers in the era of intelligence

Shandong Electricity ushers in the era of intelligence. In an interview today, the head of the relevant department of Shandong electric power group revealed that at present, our province has started the construction of smart electricity. This year and next, in accordance with the principles of unified planning, unified standards and unified construction, we will focus on the planning of smart electricity construction, participate in the formulation of smart electricity construction standards, and implement the pilot of smart electricity construction. By 2015, Shandong electric power will build two 1000 kV high-voltage substations in Nanfang and Weifang that can replace plastic products, and two positive and negative 800 kV high-voltage DC converter stations in Qingzhou and Binzhou, forming a multi-directional, multi-channel AC and DC hybrid power receiving pattern, with a capacity of more than 16 million kW to receive external electricity in the province

according to the proposed Shandong power development plan, during the "13th five year plan" period, Shandong power will build Lunan UHV AC station, two 500 kV lines to Zaozhuang and Yimeng, add Western UHV DC, locate in the east of Linyi, one 500 kV outgoing line to Yimeng and Linyi IV stations, two 500 kV outgoing lines to Rizhao and Linyi III stations, and build a double circuit UHV line from Tianjin to Weifang, At that time, it will accept more than 32million kW of external power capacity in the province. By 2020, Shandong electric power will be closely integrated into the national UHV power, and will build a unified strong smart power with three UHV AC landing points as the important support, four direct landing points deep into the load center, with 500 kV ring covering all cities in the province as the main frame, and 220 kV ring as the main frame of municipal power. By then, Shandong electric power will have a strong power receiving capacity and a high level of stability, with clear electrical structure, advanced technology, flexible operation, safety, but its internal metal wire will produce local fracture damage, which is fully reliable, and all levels of electricity will achieve comprehensive and coordinated development. Shandong's power grid structure is more reasonable and its power operation is more flexible, which can resist various faults and natural disasters, adapt to large-scale external power into Shandong, meet the access of renewable energy such as nuclear power, wind power and photovoltaic power generation, and improve the utilization efficiency of renewable energy through intelligent electric energy storage power stations and other equipment, so as to meet the needs of the economic and social development of the province

according to the person in charge of Shandong electric power group company, smart power construction includes six technical links, namely, power generation, transmission, transformation, distribution, power consumption and dispatching. In power generation, a series of operation control technologies will be promoted to achieve a high degree of coordination and adaptation between nuclear power, energy storage power plants, biomass, wind energy, solar energy and other power generation end equipment and electricity; According to the line monitoring standard system, the transmission link will realize the all-weather monitoring of lightning, pollution, icing, wind and rain, and channel conditions of the transmission line, realize intelligent inspection of the transmission line, and greatly improve the transmission capacity of the line by applying flexible transmission technology, heat-resistant conductors, composite insulated poles and towers, energy-saving appliances, etc. The power transformation link will use advanced information technology and apply intelligent measurement and policy system to improve the automation level and realize highly intelligent and intensive maintenance and management of substations at all voltage levels. In the power distribution link, through the application of the unified information collection platform of the power distribution system, high reliability intelligent power distribution equipment, and the integrated system of power distribution regulation, a highly self retaining iron shaft or variable frame dynamic power distribution network that meets the access of distributed power supply, micro power supply, and various low and medium voltage energy storage equipment is built. The power consumption link will build an intelligent power consumption community through the wide application of intelligent power consumption terminals to provide users with two-way interactive power consumption services. The dispatching link will build a unified intelligent power dispatching support platform of the State Grid Corporation of China, apply the large power safety monitoring, safety early warning and intelligent decision-making system, configure highly standardized relay protection and security control equipment, and strengthen the construction of secondary system in-depth protection system and standby dispatching system

at that time, as the nervous system of intelligent electricity, the information communication platform will be greatly expanded, the communication network of power distribution links, especially power consumption links, will be improved, the construction of secondary communication access will be standardized, an integrated enterprise level data center will be built, and the production, assets, customer service, risk management business application system will be built on a unified infrastructure

the construction of smart electricity will bring great changes to people's lives and improve the reliability of user power supply. Smart electricity technology can reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the power industry by 15%, which is very beneficial to environmental protection. Users can choose the use time of electrical appliances according to the electricity price in different periods, which can save electricity expenses on the one hand, and provide support for peak load and frequency regulation on the other hand. After entering the era of smart electricity, where there are power sockets, there are information networks, which can interact with each other and even realize energy exchange. Consumers can be power users, as well as suppliers of small energy sources such as wind energy, solar energy, hydrogen batteries and biogas, which will be a revolutionary change in the way of human energy consumption. At that time, electric vehicles can easily get high-quality services such as charging and billing. The battery of electric vehicles can even be used as an auxiliary energy storage device to charge when the electric load is low and discharge when the electric load is peak, so as to realize interactive support services with electricity. Intelligent household appliances will closely monitor the production, price, efficiency and other operation indicators, and automatically select the operation mode according to the electricity operation status and time of use electricity price, so as to improve the energy efficiency

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