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Shandong temporary works products help Guiyang fire drill

in order to actively respond to the requirements of Guizhou Provincial Public Security Fire Department to "ensure the safety of the people, 7. Build a support team with internal and external circulation", recently, Guizhou Jincheng, a dealer of Shandong temporary works, participated in the first fire drill in 2019 held by the combat support brigade of Guiyang public security fire detachment

the superior performance of Shandong Lingong's full range of construction machinery products and the professional service of Guizhou Jincheng team have been highly recognized by Guiyang fire department for their poor resolution and accuracy

since 2017, Guizhou Jincheng company has signed the "linkage agreement of construction machinery rescue team" with the combat support brigade of Guiyang public security fire detachment, and solemnly promised that in case of serious and catastrophic disasters and accidents or other needs for the assistance of construction machinery vehicles to carry out rescue and rescue tasks, it will dispatch Shandong temporary excavators, loaders, road machinery and other construction machinery and equipment to the designated place in time after receiving the notice, Assist in relevant work

as a member of the rescue team, Guizhou Jincheng, while providing temporary construction machinery and equipment and professional drivers with reliable quality and excellent performance, regularly maintain the construction machinery and equipment, ensure that the machinery and equipment and personnel are on duty 24 hours a day, and cooperate with the external linkage engineering machinery rescue of the fire brigade at any time, so as to ensure the safety of one party with practical actions

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