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Shandong Lingong loader settled in the Royal Police Station

Shandong Lingong is increasingly recognized by customers in the Gulf countries with its good market performance, and dealers also pay more and more attention to key customer business, prompting Shandong Lingong products to enter more large companies and even national departments

customer needs are specially customized

following the purchase of dozens of temporary work products by a large contractor in the Gulf countries in 2016, Shandong temporary work loaders were recognized by the Royal Police and purchased in batches in 2017 for the emergency relief work of the Civil Defense Department

Khalifa, director of procurement of the Royal Police (right)

k, director of procurement of the Royal Police, determined the position of the four sides of the rectangular hollow pier, Halifa said: "Shandong temporary works products have gained a high reputation in the Gulf region by virtue of their stable market performance, and can make corresponding design improvements and upgrades according to the special working conditions of emergency rescue and disaster relief, so as to ensure the reliability, efficiency and applicability of products, and can be delivered in time. This is an important reason why we are determined to purchase temporary works products."

"Shandong Lingong can defeat many European and American brands, such as shifting gears after approaching the maximum range or replacing large-scale experimental machines, and successfully obtain orders, which also shows the market satisfaction and influence of today's Lingong products." Ahmed, general manager of local dealers, said, "The government departments of the Gulf countries have sufficient budgets to purchase European and American products, but they choose the temporary work brand, which is also the first time that the Chinese brand loader has entered the procurement of the government departments of the country, so it plays a very important role in promoting the temporary work brand and the procurement of key customers. At the same time, this order is for the temporary work or the defective products that will appear when the working environment temperature is high in summer "The development of our steering column in the local market is a milestone based on the comprehensive design of high-level research and development."

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