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[figure] Bayer will invest an additional 1.8 billion euros in Asia in 2015. Bayer Group plans to further expand its production, distribution network and research activities in Asia, and significantly increase its sales in the region in the next few years

"our goal is to increase our sales in Asia by more than 60% by 2015", said Dr. rijndekkers, chairman of the board of directors of Bayer Co., Ltd. at the Bayer global press conference held in Shanghai, China on November 16, with the theme of "looking forward to Asia and focusing on development". This means that by 2015, Bayer's annual sales in the Asia Pacific region will far exceed 11billion euros (at the current exchange rate). Among them, sales in Greater China are expected to account for about 6billion euros

on Wednesday, more than 100 media representatives participated in the press conference, including the media from India, Vietnam and Indonesia who participated through live broadcast. At the press conference, Dr. dykes elaborated on Bayer's development prospects in this emerging market in Asia. He said that Bayer Group's business in Asia has accounted for a large part of its global business. Twenty years ago, Asia accounted for only about 10% of its global sales, that is, a little more than 2billion euros. Ten years ago, this proportion increased to 15%, while last year, the region accounted for about 20% of its global sales. In Asia, Bayer achieved sales of 6.9 billion euros in 2010, of which 2.9 billion euros came from Greater China. This growth is expected to continue in 2011. "Over the past 10 years, everyone else has suffered losses. We have invested 3.4 billion euros in Asia, which has laid a solid foundation for market growth beyond the region," Dr. dykes said

from left to right: de Youhan, President of Bayer Greater China, Professor Pulis, director of Bayer Group, and Dr. dykes, chairman of the board of Bayer Group.

the general trend is particularly strong in emerging markets in Asia.

Dr. dykes said that the changes brought about by the global general trend are more rapid and profound in emerging markets. These trends include the extension of human life expectancy and the resulting increase in demand for health care

another major trend is the growth of world population. The world population is expected to increase by another 2billion in the next 40 years, and the total population will reach 9billion. At the same time, more and more agricultural land is being occupied for planting energy crops. Bayer crop science researchers are making unremitting efforts on how to increase production and reduce agricultural losses on the limited available agricultural arable land

he said that Asia consumes more energy than North America and Europe combined. Bayer materials technology's products can not only reduce energy consumption by improving the thermal insulation performance of buildings and providing lightweight materials for cars, but also improve the performance of wind turbines

further investment in production, distribution, research and human resources

all Asian countries will play an important role in Bayer's achievement of its 2015 sales growth target. In addition to China, the Indian market is also very important (article source: Global polyurethane). During this period, India's sales are expected to increase to about 1billion euros from more than 500million euros last year. Sales in Japan are planned to grow from less than 2billion euros to about 2.4 billion euros. To achieve these goals, Bayer intends to improve the accessibility of its products in Asia. Dr. dykes said Bayer would continue to expand its distribution network to better serve the secondary market and rural areas

in addition, Bayer also plans to participate in the process of developing Asia into a global innovation center. To this end, while carrying out its own R & D activities, Bayer also attaches great importance to cooperation with leading institutions and professional technology centers. Bayer also hopes to take Asian patients into account at the initial stage of its global R & D projects, so as to better provide new drugs to the Asian market, and plans to register innovative drugs in Asia, Europe and the United States at the same time

all subsidiaries of Bayer strive to achieve rapid growth in China

Greater China is an important region for Bayer's business and the company's largest market in Asia at present. From January to September 2011, more than 11000 employees in Bayer Greater China created sales of 2.2 billion euros (19.8 billion yuan), accounting for 8% of the total sales of Bayer Group. Among them, Bayer materials technology contributed 59%, Bayer medical and health care 37%, Bayer crop science 4%. Bayer plans to increase its sales in Greater China to about 6billion euros by 2015, of which Bayer Material Technology accounts for about 3billion euros, Bayer medical and health care for about 2.5 billion euros, and Bayer crop science for about 300million euros

high temperature control accuracy. In 2010, Bayer healthcare's local sales reached 926 million euros (8.2 billion yuan). Among them, prescription drugs under the pharmaceutical business branch account for 80%, and over-the-counter drugs, medical devices and animal health products account for 20%

for Bayer materials technology's business, the Chinese market plays an important role. For example, 3 is to slim down and keep fit. China is the world's largest construction, automotive and rail vehicles, electrical and electronic industries, and shoe-making market. Bayer materials technology's main customers come from these fields. Last year, the sales volume of Bayer materials technology in Greater China was 1.8 billion euros (16.3 billion yuan)

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