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Shandong strictly restricts new flat glass projects November 19 Shandong, a major glass production province, will strictly restrict new flat glass projects in the future, focusing on the technological transformation and industrial upgrading of existing production lines in accordance with access conditions, and encouraging the development of special varieties of high-quality float glass

according to the Shandong provincial government, in the future, Shandong will strictly restrict the new ordinary flat glass production line, control the production capacity of flat glass, and speed up the technical transformation and upgrading of the existing production line. The focus should be on the development of special new varieties of high-quality float glass such as ultra-thin glass for electronic industry and ultra white glass for solar energy industry after one journey. Shandong will also actively develop hollow, vacuum and tempered glass, and develop photovoltaic glass technology and products; Focus on developing new glass machinery with low energy consumption, high efficiency, high precision and high degree of automation, and improve the localization rate of advanced glass machinery to meet the development needs of the industry

according to the plan, by 2012, Shandong will control the total production capacity of flat glass at 70million weight boxes, all of which will be float; High quality float glass accounts for more than 40% of the total production capacity of flat glass, and the deep processing rate of glass reaches more than 40%; And cultivate 10 large glass manufacturing groups with sales revenue of more than 1billion yuan and 1 national enterprise technology center

since the reform and opening up, the glass industry in Shandong Province has developed rapidly. By the end of 2007, there were 139 flat glass, daily-use glass and deep-processing enterprises above Designated Size in Shandong Province, and the daily melting capacity of kilns reached 18000 tons, forming five industrial bases centered on Zibo, Qingdao, Weihai, Dezhou and Tengzhou

however, there are still some urgent problems to be solved in the development of glass industry in Shandong Province. First, the product structure is unreasonable, the deep processing rate of high-quality float glass and glass is low, and some electronic glass, automotive glass, high-end architectural glass, etc. still need to be imported. Second, the ability of technological innovation is weak. There is no national enterprise in the glass industry in Shandong Province. The total output value of China's new material control frequency converter operation industry increased from 1trillion yuan in 2012 to 2.65 trillion yuan in 2016. The ability of independent innovation is weak, which is far from supporting the needs of technological upgrading of the glass industry. Third, the utilization rate of building energy-saving glass is low. Fourth, there are a large number of daily-use glass and glass deep-processing enterprises with small scale. We believe that it is mainly because the domestic paper enterprises still use high price stock pulp, and the industry concentration is low and the competitiveness is poor. Fifth, most glass enterprises have high energy consumption, environmental pollution has not been effectively treated, and the task of energy conservation and emission reduction is still very arduous

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