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Shandong temporary labor winter service training enters Xilinhot

Shandong temporary labor winter service training enters Xilinhot

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recently, in order to improve the maintenance skills and service level of service personnel in Mongolia on the short circuit problem of electronic universal testing machine, and provide customers with more reliable and efficient services, they pioneered the first domestic aluminum electricity 1 industrial model in the non-ferrous industry; Led the establishment of a strategic alliance for innovation in energy-efficient aluminum electrolysis technology; Successfully developed large-scale aluminum electrolysis series non-stop slotting technology; Developed the first 320ka and 400kA large-scale energy-saving aluminum electrolysis production line in China; The new technology of low temperature and low voltage aluminum electrolysis has passed the acceptance of the Ministry of science and technology of the people's Republic of China; The high-temperature superconducting DC transmission cable jointly researched with the Chinese Academy of Sciences has achieved engineering demonstration operation in the 320ka electrolytic aluminum production workshop; After completing the transformation of the new stable current energy-saving electrolytic cell, Shandong temporary worker training team braved the severe cold of minus 30 degrees Celsius and came to Xilinhot to carry out a 10 day training for the service personnel of the dealer jindingxin in Inner Mongolia

60 loader and excavator service personnel of the dealer participated in the training. Through theoretical knowledge, practical learning, examination and evaluation, strict requirements were imposed on the trainees, and the trainees who passed the evaluation were issued with primary qualification certificates

the service personnel participating in the training also said that through this training and learning, their personal professional theoretical knowledge and skill practice have been greatly improved, and they also have a deeper accumulation for the next step of serving customers. At the same time, the training and learning also provides you with a platform for mutual exchange, mutual learning and improvement, which has yielded a lot of benefits

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