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Shandong Lingong small excavation landed in the Indian market and made a good start

Shandong Lingong small excavation 14. Maintain the [hold] land India market to achieve a good start

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this year, the risk of geopolitical conflict between China and India led India to strictly investigate the investment of Chinese enterprises. At the same time, the outbreak of COVID-19 in India is accelerating, and the recovery of India's market economy is far away. Facing the huge challenges brought by the superposition of various adverse factors, Shandong Lingong seized the opportunity and unswervingly introduced small excavation products into the Indian market

the personnel in Shandong temporary work area have implemented the details of product model, configuration, price and the demand for shipping to Europe of 2.1 million tons by actively docking with India. When exports to developed countries were mainly in the middle and low end, after several rounds of communication with the R & D, procurement, Finance (3) and other departments with insufficient support capacity for some key materials, the first batch of 15 e680fi and e6135fi excavators were finally shipped in October to overcome the impact of the huge fluctuations in shipping prices during the epidemic. Three weeks later, all the complete machines arrived in India smoothly

the Indian division recently held a new product launch through the official of Youtube. The launch took the form of online and offline linkage, which was a complete success. Five sales orders were reached on site, making a good start

at present, South Asia and India are actively coordinating follow-up machine orders with the division to prepare for the continuous development of India's small excavation market and the continuous expansion of "war fruits"

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