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Rapport software platform helps enterprises and operators simplify the delivery of communication and collaboration services

the new software platform significantly reduces the cost and complexity of integrating voice, video and SMS services into applications, thereby enriching existing services and creating new service types

Alcatel lucent launched rapport open software platform, Help large enterprises and operators provide communication and collaboration services in a new and more flexible way

rapport can make the communication network an innovative platform through which new background communication can be created. At that time, basic services such as voice, chat, video conference and sharing will be available for any application, station or connection object. Application developers can access these services through the open application programming interface (API) and software development kit (SDK)

rapport enables enterprises to achieve complete cloud transformation with a single software platform, which is more competitive than simple virtualization measures. The platform can be deployed in any off the shelf commercial hardware, greatly reducing the cost and complexity of deploying and managing communication services

rapport platform is based on Alcatel lucent IP multimedia subsystem (IMS) software, and its architecture has been redesigned, which is the basis of the company's award-winning volte solution. In addition, based on years of experience in dealing with current challenges, a variety of configurations are developed for the platform to meet the unique needs of large enterprises and operators

Bhaskar gorti, President of the IP platform business department of Alcatel lucent, said:

rapport will liberate large enterprises from the shackles of communication technology, and the IT Department of enterprises will no longer have to stick to specific operator products. It also opened up a new route, allowing operators to provide customers with more attractive communication services, and can seamlessly use any device on any network

enterprise rapport platform

with the increasing mobility and dispersion of labor, the development of technology and application can be described as rapid progress, and the rise of office with equipment (byod) mode, in turn, urges large enterprises to adopt new methods to meet their communication needs. The rapport platform helps these enterprises limit their investment in traditional PBX and unified communication systems

The rapport platform solves this problem by providing an open communication architecture deployed in the private cloud. Large enterprises can implant the best applications to meet the needs of employees for the latest services, regardless of whether employees are working or moving. In addition, it can also make communication services a part of applications, stations and products, so as to help enterprises better serve customers. Using this method, large enterprises can save 50% of the cost of communication infrastructure, and even recover their investment in the first year of transformation

enterprise rapport is tailored to meet the specific needs of large enterprises. It is designed to run in a private cloud environment, making full use of HP's industry-leading converged infrastructure platform, and is highly optimized for scalable workload. Rapport can also support the growing ecosystem of technology providers, such as counterpath, to supply multi device software clients and software development kits

rapport platform for operators

rapport platform helps operators support volte, fixed and Wi Fi services through a single and more flexible cloud communication platform, which enhances the communication business processing capacity of operators and significantly reduces business costs. Rapport adopts network function Virtualization (nfv) and cooperates with nfv platforms (such as Alcatel Lucent's cloudband) to quickly launch volte and new businesses for consumers and enterprises, and dynamically adjust the business scale according to customer needs

rapport platform can provide communication services according to the status, location and availability of customers (rather than equipment). Operators can embed communication services into objects, applications and stations, thus opening up new market segments, such as wearable devices, digital homes and telematics. They can also expand the single rapport network to application service providers and network companies to open up new wholesale markets

rapport platform has a set of open and dynamic legal ecosystems that indicate their birth, with more than 800 developers and partners. It embeds communication services into developers' applications to promote innovation. In this way, developers can focus on developing and providing ideas, and will not be affected by the delay sensitive real-time communication of various experimental equipment failures

important information:

lrapport adopts a single cloud communication platform, which helps to eliminate the shackles of communication, thereby simplifying software lifecycle management and reducing costs

lrapport enables the customer experience to adapt to changing customer needs

lrapport turns communication into an asset and makes it well known in any application, station and connection object

lrapport is based on the redesigned IMS software, which has the fully decomposed virtualization network function, and can be used in any commercial finished product (COTS) hardware platform, and can work together with any nfv platform

lrapport can access communication functions through open application programming interface (API) and software development kit (SDK), so that operators can launch new services faster


rich Costello, senior research analyst at International Data Corporation (IDC), said:

rapport, a new communication platform launched by Alcatel lucent, provides a single open communication framework on the private cloud to meet the needs of enterprises. The transformation from traditional PBX communication architecture to communication applications and services hosted by Enterprise Cloud needs to face many challenges. Enterprises not only need new fishing, but also learn how to weave. This platform is a new way to deal with the relationship between communication, applications and large enterprises, and has created a new communication solution

Jim Hodges, senior analyst of heavy reading, said:

the pursuit of business innovation depends on new business models and corresponding technology drivers. Operators need to prepare for the next service era. They consider adopting simple mobile plug-ins and simplifying mobile applications, and focus on improving user experience and efficiency, while dealing with complexity. Virtualization solutions such as rapport for Alcatel lucent operators can play a crucial role in helping operators meet these new needs more effectively. By transforming communications to the cloud (developing new businesses, customer experience and Applications), operators will be successful for a long time

Liz theophille, chief information officer of Alcatel lucent, said:

like many companies, we have many platforms to meet our communication and collaboration needs, including voice services, video conferencing, instant messaging and chat. At the same time, our employees are becoming more and more mobile, and can rely on applications on smartphones and tablets to manage their personal lives, but they are incompatible with the work environment. Rapport provides a single platform that can meet all the needs, and meets the growing app corporate culture in an open and synchronous way, which enables us to save investment in multiple platforms

about Alcatel Lucent

as a leading expert in IP networking, ultra wideband access and cloud technology, Alcatel lucent is committed to providing more innovative, sustainable and easy access for users, enterprises and government agencies around the world. (7) turn the handwheel to make the test piece land, and then move the test piece Carry out new experiments according to the above steps (2) - (6); Access to global communication services. It is our eternal mission to dare to challenge, continue to innovate, and provide customers with the most reliable network services to help them create higher value

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