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Rapoo technology terminated the restructuring and raised 1.2 billion overweight robot and UAV industry

more than four months after the suspension of trading, rapoo technology announced on the evening of November 15 that because the trading parties could not reach an agreement on the price and payment method of the underlying assets, the company decided to terminate the planning of asset reorganization and change the major asset restructuring into a non-public offering of shares

according to the non-public offering plan, the company plans to issue no more than 45million shares to no more than 10 specific objects, and the total amount of funds raised is no more than 1.195 billion yuan, which is used for the robot and UAV industry. The trading of the company's shares will resume on November 16

according to the plan, rapoo technology plans to invest a total of 340 million yuan in the robot industry, of which 260 million yuan is for the industrialization project of robot integrated system equipment, and 80 million yuan is for the robot technology R & D center project. The UAV project plans to invest a total of 855 million yuan, including the UAV industrialization project of 705 million yuan and the UAV Technology Center project of 150 million yuan

rapoo technology was listed in 2011, and its main business is computer components such as mouse, keyboard, tools and molds. However, the company's performance is not optimistic. In 2013, the operating revenue decreased by 13.07%, 18.57% and 13.87% respectively year-on-year, and the net profit showed negative growth. It was not until the acquisition of lehuitianxia and its inclusion in the statements in 2014 that the operating revenue increased by 31.66% year-on-year, but the gross profit of main businesses such as mouse and keyboard remained negative growth

in 2014, rapoo Technology identified small unmanned aerial vehicles as the company's strategic development direction; At the beginning of 2015, the company increased its capital to zero degree intelligent control (Beijing) Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. and established a joint venture with its holding subsidiary Shenzhen zero, which is not only used for 3D printing, but also mainly engaged in consumer grade UAVs. As of September 30, 2015, rapoo technology has achieved a cumulative sales revenue of about 35million yuan

rapoo technology said that through this fixed increase, it plans to further develop the industrialization of robot integrated system equipment on the basis of the original robot integrated system application business. At the same time, it will quickly enter the consumer UAV market, seize the industry opportunity of industrial robots and unmanned aerial vehicles whose energy consumption accounts for about 12% of the total energy consumption of the national economy, expand new products and business channels, and enhance the company's influence in the intelligent hardware market Improve the output level of intelligent manufacturing solutions

from the perspective of the global market, the industrial robot industry is in a period of rapid development. According to IFR statistics, in 2012, the global sales volume of industrial robots was 160000 units, and the sales volume of ontology was about $8.7 billion. The scale of ontology plus system integration market was about three times that of ontology market, with a total of about $26billion; In 2013, the global sales volume of industrial robots was 179000, with a year-on-year increase of 12%. The total global industrial robot market was about 180billion yuan; In 2014, the global sales of industrial robots exceeded 211 million sets of advanced textile materials for the first time, with a year-on-year increase of 27%

according to the Research Report of ABI research, an American market research company, the market scale of small civil UAVs will exceed US $8.4 billion by 2018. According to the research of China Investment Research Institute, combined with the industry application prospect and market evaluation of UAVs, the market scale of civil UAVs may far exceed this figure, and the market space is huge

in addition, as China's demographic dividend declines and labor prices continue to rise, industrial robots will quickly enter industrial production. With the continuous improvement of the automation level of China's industrial enterprises, the market of robot automation line will become larger and larger, and gradually become the main way of automatic production line

Luo Jun, CEO of the International Robot Industry Alliance for oil and intelligent equipment, said recently that although China's robot market has long occupied the first place in the world, China's robot industry still has many problems, such as low market share and lack of core competitiveness. At the same time, Luo Jun predicts that the reform of the robot industry will come in advance, and the concept of a new generation of robots will explode in advance in the next three to five years. Its characteristics are robot + artificial intelligence + Internet technology + big data + cloud computing + high-precision sensing technology + sensing system + other advanced technologies, which will constitute several intelligent service platforms

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