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The price rise of rare earth can't be borne by wind power.

rare earth, which used to be "as expensive as sand", has now returned to the "metal price", and the rising momentum is fierce. This continuous rising momentum has also brought great pressure to downstream manufacturers, including wind turbine manufacturers. Recently, a research report of CICC pointed out that Jinfeng technology, a manufacturer of wind turbines that will lift the pen, is currently troubled by the rising cost of raw materials, "Unless Goldwind can find countermeasures (which obviously takes time), the comprehensive gross profit margin of Goldwind from 2011 to 2013 will fall sharply to 12.9% - 12.3%. Rising costs will lead to Goldwind technology being forced to raise prices. Once the price is raised, it will lose a large market share and cause a large decline in sales"

the reason given in the above research report is that at present, as the raw material of wind turbines, the spot price of permanent magnet materials has soared from 100 yuan per kilogram to 700 yuan, which is equivalent to an increase of 400 yuan per kilowatt for each 1.5MW permanent magnet direct drive model. If all are purchased in the spot market, the gross profit rate will be reduced by more than 10 percentage points. If all purchases are made in the spot market, the gross profit margin will be reduced by more than 10 percentage points

yesterday, the international finance news contacted Yao Yu, the spokesman of Jinfeng technology, on this matter. "Call me again in 20 minutes, and we are verifying the relevant data." But after 20 minutes, when I dialed again, there was no answer. As of the deadline, the status was still the same, and Jinfeng technology declined the interview by "breaking the appointment"

China is still in the stage of in-depth development of industrialization, informatization, urbanization, marketization and internationalization. In fact, according to the current situation, Goldwind technology is not an example. According to media reports, due to the soaring price of rare earth, many wind turbine manufacturers across the country have stopped production to varying degrees

Yan Ping, senior analyst of Baichuan information, said in an interview with the international finance news: "since this year, rare earth prices have shown a sharp upward trend. Some products have even doubled dozens of times. At present, although the overall price of rare earth has recently fallen slightly "In addition, but this is not a general trend. In the future, rare earth prices will still show an upward trend. For the downstream industry, the soaring rare earth prices this year will certainly have a great impact on the downstream industry."

in terms of wind power industry, permanent magnet materials are the main raw materials of wind turbines, and rare earth accounts for about 30% of the raw material cost of permanent magnets. Therefore, the current rise in rare earth prices has led to a sharp increase in the production costs of enterprises

according to the research report released by Guolian securities in June, the price of rare earth is expected to continue to soar in the second half of the year. If the national mandatory production plan of rare earth can be implemented this year, the price of rare earth may continue to soar in the second half of the year. According to the current production plan, the production indicators of the overall weak and stable year of the whole market will be used up in August and September. At that time, if the government strictly enforces the law, it may be forced to stop production. If the demand remains unchanged, the decline in production will further increase the price of rare earth

it is understood that since the Ministry of land and resources, the national development and Reform Commission and other six ministries and commissions jointly rectified rare earth mines last year, the price of rare earth has been rising steadily, and many varieties have increased by about three times. Taking rare earth carbonate (a rare earth concentrate) as an example, the average price was 15500 yuan/ton at the beginning of June last year, while the price rose to 47000 yuan/ton in March this year. The price of neodymium iron boron, a key raw material for wind power equipment, has risen from 50000 yuan/ton last year to 400000 yuan/ton now

in this regard, linbaiqiang, director of the China Energy Research Center of Xiamen University, said that the rise in rare earth prices is a future trend, which is also a risk that downstream enterprises must face. Enterprises should be predictable about this. "Jinfeng technology has been facing the problem of excessive production capacity, so once the upstream price rises, it is difficult for the terminal to pass on this pressure, and this situation is fundamentally a problem of the enterprise itself"

"compared with imports, domestic wind power equipment has a strong price competitive advantage, but as the cost rises, enterprises can only resolve the cost by raising the product price, which narrows the price gap with imported products, thus further losing the price competitive advantage of domestic brands." Song Liang, an analyst at the China business circulation Productivity Promotion Center, said that in the long run, it is a good thing to urge enterprises to reduce costs through technological innovation and process improvement, which will help to achieve intensive development

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