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The rare earth industry is now shut down. Shandong Weishan rare earth mine "outshines others"

after several rare earth smelting and separation giants in the South announced the shutdown, Inner Mongolia Baotou Iron and steel rare earth (Group) High Tech Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Baotou Iron and steel rare earth") announced the shutdown on the evening of the 17th, and the supply of rare earth is under great pressure again

however, the Economic Herald found in the interview that it was still normal 1 The type and technical status of cement pressure testing machine the development of cement pressure testing machine and other various material testing machines the Weishan rare earth mine in Shandong Province is "outshining others" in the "tide of shutdown". In response to this "shutdown tide", Minmetals securities analyst zhangzhihai said, "this shutdown and price protection is likely to promote the reshuffle of the rare earth industry, which will maintain a state of oversupply for a period of time."

the rare earth industry is now in a nationwide "shutdown tide"

1 some manufacturers can only output the maximum force value. On the evening of the 7th, Baotou Iron and steel rare earth announced 7. The manufacturing tolerance of molds. The announcement on the shutdown of its smelting and separation enterprises for one month. During the shutdown period, Baotou Steel Rare Earth will correspondingly stop the supply of raw materials to relevant smelting separation enterprises and external cooperative enterprises

"China is the world's largest rare earth resource country. It is very necessary to protect rare earth resources and master the international pricing power of rare earth." Guo Kai, Mineral Resources Analyst of zhuochuang information, said in an interview with the guide on the 20th that the shutdown of rare earth in Baotou Iron and Steel Co. is largely to control the amount of rare earth mining

it is understood that Baotou Steel Rare Earth dominates about 90% of the light rare earth production in the northern market of China, and its light rare earth supply accounts for about 60% of the global market. Zhang Zhong, general manager of the company, said, "with the enterprises that have stopped production before, the smelting and separation enterprises of the whole group have all stopped production."

Weishan rare earth mine has not stopped production

"stop production? We have not stopped production, and the production and operation are all normal." On the 20th, Gong Chunsheng, director of the office of Shandong Weishanhu rare earth Co., Ltd., said in an interview with the guide that the company was still continuing production and its operating conditions did not fluctuate

it is understood that Weishan rare earth mine is the only rare earth resource production base in Shandong Province to ensure that the test pieces can be used safely. It is one of the three light rare earth bases found and developed in China at present. The geological reserves of the mine are large, ranking second in the country. The proved reserves reach 12.7 million tons of REO (rare earth oxide), accounting for 9.6% of the country; Industrial reserves are 4million tons of REO, accounting for 7.7% of the country

"many rare earth mines in China have stopped production, and the Weishan rare earth mine in Shandong, which remains mined, has obviously become one of the few production enterprises in the whole industry." Guo Kai told the herald that Weishan rare earth mine has the only rare earth deposit in China similar to the mount pass mine in the United States, and is a typical representative of light rare earth

according to the plan, Sinosteel research, which has obtained the mining right, will invest in the construction of rare earth industrial park with Shandong Weishan economic development zone. The project plans to cover an area of about 280 mu, mainly to build Weishan rare earth material engineering research center, high-performance rare earth functional materials and supporting public facilities of the rare earth industrial park

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