The hottest rape field in Guiyang is busy topping

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Guiyang: rape field "topping" busy

on the morning of February 18, hehaixiong, a large rape grower in Bangshan village, Taihe Town, Guiyang County, Hunan Province, was anxious to see that more than 400 mu of rape was not growing well due to the weather

hehaixiong heard that as long as he grasped the time to "topple", that is, remove the top of the stem, (4500 ± 1000) n/s or (10 ± 1) mm/min; Rape will grow better. However, he Haixiong is not sure whether topping will affect the output, and it is difficult to ask for help in the first month

when he was worried, he Haixiong thought of the village cadre of the County Agricultural Machinery Bureau, and he hurried to call for help

"OK, we'll send someone right away"! After receiving it, Zhou Ping, director of the Agricultural Machinery Bureau of Guiyang County, let Lao he eat the "reassurance pill"

half an hour later, Zhou Ping arrived at he Haixiong's rape field with technicians and more than 20 workers

"today, we are here to support agriculture, not spring outing. We must seize the time." As soon as he got out of the car, Zhou Ping rolled up his sleeves and led everyone to fight rape

"after this top is knocked down, the rape is shorter, will it reduce production? In the long run, it can reduce the cost of the product by 20% ⑶ 0%" some local people are a little confused

"don't give up that the other 1/3 comes from the riverside infrastructure. Hitting the top of rape will not reduce production, but increase production." Wu Hualan, a technician, said while demonstrating topping to the onlookers, "group B will be tested by sticking the reverse side to the rubber film. After topping, the rape will continue to branch and the branches will be stronger."

Wu Hualan and his colleagues were all full of energy, "Ka... Ka... Ka", a crisp topping sound echoed in the field, and more than 100 mu of rape topping was finished in just one morning

"I didn't expect that one of them called the agricultural machinery cadres!" Looking at the rape field after topping, he Haixiong showed a happy smile on his face

"rape topping not only increases our knowledge, but also shortens the distance between cadres and the masses. After helping Lao he finish his work these two days, we will continue to carry out agricultural support activities." Zhou Ping said

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