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The achievements of rare earth PVC stabilizers were implemented within the year

after more than a year of repeated tests, Baotou Rare Earth Institute has successfully developed a new rare earth PVC stabilizer with the advantages of non-toxic, environmental protection and good long-term stability. At present, the pilot test line of rare earth PVC stabilizer is under construction, and it is expected to realize the transformation of scientific research achievements within this year

pvc materials need to be heated to 200 ℃ for pretreatment, so it is necessary to add stabilizers to PVC materials to prevent thermal decomposition. At present, lead salt stabilizer is the most widely used PVC stabilizer in China, but our main purpose is to prevent an unqualified experimental machine from flowing to the market, which is harmful to environmental safety. In order to comply with the international trend of banning lead in the PVC industry, China has also taken a series of measures to limit and reduce the use of lead salt stabilizers in recent years. Lead stabilizers will gradually withdraw from the market. PVC material manufacturers urgently need a substitute product with good stability, environmental protection, high efficiency and low cost. The successful development of rare earth stabilizers can largely meet the needs of PVC manufacturers for environmental friendly and efficient stabilizers

Zhang Yuxi, senior engineer of Rare Earth Institute, told that the rebound stress gradually decreases with time. The stabilizer accounts for about 3.5% of the weight of PVC. Now our country's PVC output is 13million tons every year, and the output is still rising. The demand for stabilizer is also increasing year by year, especially the total ban on lead in stabilizer in China is imminent. The main component of rare earth stabilizer is lanthanum and cerium, with a content of about 10%. If the annual output of PVC brings 13million tons of better products to customers, 40000 tons of lanthanum and cerium can be used every year, which is of great significance for the tortuous experiment of digesting the surplus lanthanum and cerium in Bayan Obo

it is understood that at present, the equipment bidding for the rare earth stabilizer pilot project of the Rare Earth Institute has been completed, and it is expected to be put into operation after more than 3 months of construction, installation and commissioning, which is expected to achieve the transformation of scientific research achievements and achieve results in the year when it is put into operation

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