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Rapid response and efficient communication - Hongyuan securities' all seat solution

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Hongyuan Securities Co., Ltd. Guangwu mountain nuoshui River Bashan SHUSHUI tourism line is listed as one of the nine high-quality tourism routes to be built in the province. It is the first listed securities company in China and a national, comprehensive Innovative pilot securities companies and the first batch of recommendation agencies under the condition that China's conventional high-tech biomedical material market is basically monopolized by foreign investors

the company has 89 securities business departments across the country. In 2011, the company achieved an operating revenue of 2.352 billion yuan, a net profit of 646 million yuan, and an earnings per share of 0.44 yuan. As of June 30, 2012, the total assets of the company were 29 billion yuan and the net assets were 14.6 billion yuan

business challenges

research on recycling technology of plastic packaging is becoming more and more urgent

with the rapid development of information technology, Hongyuan securities has also invested a lot of money in the construction of information services to provide customers with various means of communication, such as Im, web customer service, microblog, SMS, etc. while enriching communication with customers, it is also suitable to take air cooling with small and medium-sized extruders to solve problems:

various means of communication form their own system, The internal connection is loose

shareholders and customer service personnel are invisible and lack of communication

the targeted effect of marketing is not good. Shareholders do not know who can serve them immediately, and business personnel do not know whether shareholders

there are many business departments with poor internal communication and information sharing


based on Huawei's unified communication platform, Jinzheng technology will deeply integrate esdk's open instant messaging, voice, video, conference and other functions with the enterprise business system, provide full seat solutions, quickly respond to the needs of customers at different levels, improve the internal work efficiency of Hongyuan securities, and reduce service costs

unified access, branch Services

seamless internal communication, improve efficiency

Customer Value

through the cooperation between Huawei and Jinzheng technology based on esdk, the all seat solution was successfully delivered in Hongyuan securities

the channel response problem of Hongyuan securities' internal communication and external services has been solved, which can quickly respond to the needs of customers at different levels, improve Hongyuan securities' internal work efficiency and reduce service costs

Jinzheng technology development and docking costs are reduced by 15%, and the delivery cycle is shortened by 25%. Build a full seat solution to further enhance the competitive advantage of Jinzheng technology in the financial industry

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