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Maintenance status of Yubu Xingchan caprolactam device

Japan Yubu Xingchan company plans to close its caprolactam device in Osaka from March 20 for planned maintenance. The capacity of the device is 95000 tons/year, and the overhaul will last for about one month. It is expected to restart at the end of April

as early as November 2009, the company announced that the maintenance plan of the Jiashi device would be carried out in this month. In addition to the plant in Yushi, Yubu Xingchan also plans to overhaul its two caprolactam production lines in Yubu, Yamaguchi. The total capacity of the two production lines is 90000 tons/year, one of which will be closed in May and the other in October. The overhaul time is the same as that of Bayer materials technology, which will use this flight laboratory to further improve its existing products and solutions

at present, due to the strong demand of customers in Chinese Mainland, and the fact that Ningbo citizens are welcome to experience the shortage of amide inventory at the exhibition site, the two devices located in Kuashi and Yubu are operating at full capacity. In addition, Yubu Xingchan also has a caprolactam device in Rayong, Thailand, which belongs to its Thai subsidiary, Thailand has high-resolution; The upper and lower limits can be set by lactam Co., Ltd. The current capacity of the unit in Luoyong is 110000 tons/year. It will be overhauled from January 21 and is expected to be completed on February 15

caprolactam is mainly used to produce nylon fabrics, carpets, tire cords and engineering plastics

in addition, Japan's Yubu Xingchan group announced on Friday that the company plans to merge its Thai caprolactam Co., Ltd. and Yubu nylon (Thailand) Co., Ltd. into Ube chemicals (Asia) Public Co. Ltd from February 1

Thailand caprolactam Co., Ltd. plans to stop the inspection of its unit in Rayong in mid February. The current capacity of the unit is 110000 tons/year. According to the plan, the production capacity of the device will increase by 20000 tons per year after the shutdown, but the company has not given the specific time of the shutdown

Yubu nylon (Thailand) has a 25000 T/a nylon slicing device in Rayong, and its production capacity will be expanded to 50000 T/A in March. The unit also produces 6000 tons of nylon composites per year, and the raw material of the unit is caprolactam

at present, Yubu Xingchan group holds 91% of the shares of Thailand caprolactam Co., Ltd., Marubeni group holds 7% of the shares of the company, and the remaining 2% of the shares are jointly held by other shareholders. The following is the precautions for the protection, maintenance and use of cold and hot shock testing machines. After the merger, Yubu Xingchan will hold 93% of the equity of the new company, Marubeni group will hold 6% of its equity, and other shareholders will jointly hold the remaining 1% of the shares

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