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Major brands in the bathroom industry have staged cross-border "dramas"

Abstract: at a time when cross-border has become common practice, major brands have staged "cross-border" dramas in the arena, such as Wrigley, Zhongyu, etc. in the bathroom industry

at present, the market competition faced by Chinese sanitary ware enterprises is not only domestic sanitary ware enterprises, but also foreign sanitary ware enterprises. Recently, some insiders pointed out that the scope of competition of sanitary ware enterprises has extended outward from the industry. If sanitary ware enterprises want to successfully break through the market, they must combine the forces of relevant industries to form a "protective umbrella" to expand their own strength

cross border has become a common practice in the bathroom industry

at the moment when cross-border has become a common practice, major brands have staged "cross-border" dramas in the arena, such as Wrigley, Zhongyu, etc. What kind of development trend the sanitary ware industry will present is not a certain enterprise the final say, but is affected by the general environment. Insiders say that when the sanitary ware industry is operating well, you can try to invest in other fields. Not only the sanitary ware industry, this development can be said to be the inevitability of the development of things. A large sanitary ware enterprise will accommodate more projects in the future, and will inevitably consider diversified development

profit growth points of cross-border manufacturing of sanitary ware

through the diversified development mode of cross-border extension of product lines, it is not nearly all inclusive, but only brings more profit growth points for Sanitary Ware brands. From the perspective of business strategy, cross industry integration can not only disperse the business risks of merchants, but also avoid the future market fluctuations of a certain industry to a certain extent, bringing huge impact and losses to merchants, And it can also increase the profit growth point; In addition, it can also provide consumers with more reasonable and optimized home solutions. From the perspective of products, after cross industry integration, the huge product cluster can not only meet the needs of consumers, but also gather more customer resources for businesses

the cross-border of sanitary ware needs to be done according to its ability

the frequent cross-border situation in the sanitary ware industry is inseparable from the continuous pursuit of the improvement of output value and the expansion demand for market profits. However, it is not easy to achieve successful cross-border development. Sanitary ware enterprises must be well prepared in many aspects, such as design, production, sales, installation, customer service, marketing and so on. In addition, in recent years, with the change of the market, the industry competition has moved from the low-level competition of product price to brand, network, service, talent, management and scale, etc. 4 According to the cooperation of the finished products of each mold or the composite competition level formed by the displacement of mold core. In such a competitive environment, it is necessary for sanitary ware enterprises to do what they can to be professional or big

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