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The progress of the times promotes the continuous improvement of science and technology, which has unlimited driving force for economic development. China is a country with a large population, and the demand for any commodity is also the largest. In order to meet the rising consumption level of consumers and expand the sales channels of commodities, the packaging requirements of commodities are about to be raised. In modern commodities, how should we judge the quality of fixtures? There are mainly the following three points: in the market, there are more and more liquid production situations of various commodities, which leads to the continuous improvement of the value of the packaging of liquid commodities with the appreciation of liquid commodities. Such market demand ushers in the infinite expansion of the application of liquid filling machinery. At the same time, it also proves that the demand for liquid filling equipment for the market is also uncertain and cannot be increased so much. In our daily life, our basic necessities of life are almost inseparable from the surrounding of liquid commodities, which makes us deeply feel the development trend of liquid filling equipment, which should not be overlooked. Under the leadership of science and technology, the liquid filling machinery and equipment have also been gradually repaired and improved, and the modern 14. Stress rate range: in/mm2s (1) (6) 0n/mm2s (1) full automatic liquid filling machine has become the mainstream of the development of the industry

in the use of liquid filling machines, the types of liquid filling machines are split into semi-automatic liquid filling machines and full-automatic liquid filling machines under the promotion of science and technology. Relatively speaking, the market utilization rate and market share of the full-automatic liquid filling machine are the highest, which fully shows that the production enterprises also have the largest demand for the full-automatic filling equipment, and reflects the future market prospect of the full-automatic liquid filling machine. No matter in the food industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the beverage industry, or the daily chemical industry, we can see the busy figure of the full-automatic liquid filling machine. At the same time, we are also deeply benefited by the benefits and market benefits brought by the full-automatic liquid filling machine. However, with the continuous improvement of market utilization, the number of enterprises using fully automatic liquid filling machines is also gradually increasing, and the problems of corresponding equipment are also gradually increasing. In fact, machinery is the same as human beings. Although he can't speak, the equipment will also be tired and need to rest and recuperate. For the automatic liquid filling machine, the most used training method is to do comprehensive maintenance for the equipment, and regular maintenance, timely deal with and solve the corresponding problems. For the filling machine, it can not only ensure the daily work and production, but also effectively extend the service life of the automatic liquid filling machine

then, in daily production, for enterprises using full-automatic liquid filling machines, how to maintain and maintain the filling machines? What details should we pay attention to during this period

1. Often discharge the water in the gas water separator of the full-automatic liquid filling machine

2. Often add fully automatic liquid to fill the oil in the oil mist, and the amount of oil can be up to one third of the cup

3. The filter and water storage cup of the water separator of the filling machine should be cleaned regularly. The filter element must be cleaned in mineral oil, and then blown out with compressed air

4. Replace the sealing rings on the discharge piston and the lower end of the discharge cylinder of the liquid filling machine in time after they are worn

5. Foreign matters shall not be mixed in the filling material, otherwise it may cause inaccurate discharge or damage to the machine parts

6. in order to keep the body of the full-automatic liquid filling machine free of obvious eccentric rust steel between its head and counterbore, do not scrape its surface with sharp and hard tools. If there is pollution, please wipe it with alcohol

7. the cylinder of the automatic liquid filling machine has been lubricated before leaving the factory. Do not crack the cylinder or add any lubricating oil

8. the one-way valve of the automatic liquid filling machine, the stainless steel tee, and the material cylinder can be easily cracked and washed. It is an ideal and convenient liquid filling machine

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