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After the Spring Festival, the chandelier in Ms. Liu's house in Zhangdian broke down, and Ms. Liu hurried to report to the manufacturer for repair. With the all-round efforts of our Jinan experimental machine factory team, the factory replied that it would repair it after the installation workers' day. But this wait, from the Spring Festival to the end of the first month

note a. the deployment bias of the experimental machine is from sample preparation detection to finished product (i.e. products, semi-finished products) detection, which requires the corresponding fixture to be deployed from the fixture originally used to standardize the sample experiment to the fixture used for product detection In an interview with several home building materials markets in Zibo, the reporter learned that the situation like Ms. Liu is very common. A lamp dealer said, "it is impossible to install them until the first month of the month. The installer really can't come back. He hasn't come back. I'm in a hurry. I don't have the rule of law. Some customers have to return their products because of the insecurity of the lamp."

I learned from a lamp city on Changguo road that most businesses have officially opened after the 15th day of the first month, but the linear potentiometer fixed on the pneumatic unit can give the wear process of the pin plate experiment to a certain extent. Only a few installers in the whole lamp city came back to work before the end of the first month, which simply cannot meet the needs of normal sales and installation. In addition to the lamp market, the lack of installation workers in home furnishing, building materials and other industries has also become the biggest headache for dealers. After encountering the postponement of installing furniture and building materials products in shopping malls, many owners who are planning to decorate new houses and install furniture after the holiday have no choice but to postpone the construction period: "there are basically no such installers locally, all of them are from other places, either in Henan or in the South. In previous years, they almost came back after the tenth five year plan. I don't know what happened this year, maybe they have too little work."

insiders predict that with the advent of the peak decoration season, the shortage of installers is expected to be reversed

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