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Major breakthrough in fruit storage and fresh-keeping technology

the sub topic "Research on fruit storage and fresh-keeping technology" of the national "Ninth Five Year Plan" key research project "research and development of agricultural product processing technology", presided over by the national agricultural product fresh-keeping engineering and Technology Research Center (Tianjin), has greatly extended the fresh-keeping period of grapes, Fuji apples, peaches, plums and big cherries, and played an important role in the post natal storage and fresh-keeping of fruits in China and the maintenance and appreciation of value

China's accession to the world trade organization is imminent, and the large circulation of agricultural products is the general trend, and the key to enter the market for large circulation is to maintain and increase the value of agricultural products. Developed countries have achieved good results in fruit storage and preservation by relying on the "cold chain and controlled atmosphere" with high investment and high energy consumption. At present, it is impossible for China to copy the model of developed countries in fruit storage and preservation. Although the simple modified atmosphere refrigeration technology with low investment and low energy consumption that we have adopted has made great progress, there are still many key technical problems. For example, grape storage is still vulnerable to drugs and unstable effects; Red Fuji apple is sensitive to carbon dioxide. In view of these situations, the National Engineering Laboratory of national agricultural products preservation engineering technology research, after its completion, conducted research on the storage and preservation technology of the main grape auto parts varieties (Jufeng, red earth, etc.) in China, new, efficient and low residue grape preservative, new and low carbon dioxide permeability modified atmosphere fresh-keeping film, etc

at present, the lack of energy is a limiting factor restricting the economic development of our country. This study mainly uses preservatives and fresh-keeping films in combination with energy-saving cold storage to effectively control the aging and microbial decay during fruit storage, so as to prolong the storage life of fruits. It is a low-energy preservation method

the research center has determined the best storage technology of red globe and Jufeng grapes by studying the storage characteristics of red globe and Jufeng grapes and the factors affecting the storage quality. By using the pharmaceutical compound technology, it has developed a double release compound grape preservative suitable for red globe and other grapes that are not resistant to sulfur dioxide, which can store red globe grapes for 6 months, and the good fruit rate is more than 97%, And the fruit is basically free of bleaching spots. The sulfur dioxide residue in the fruit is lower than the standard allowed by FDA. The bleaching rate of sulfur dioxide of imported red globe grapes is more than 50%. The research center also developed a preservative suitable for long-term storage of sulfur dioxide resistant grapes and a preservative for long-distance transportation and short-term storage by using the principle of chemical release and through the selection and proportion adjustment of main ingredients and slow-release agents. It can store Jufeng grapes for 7 months, with a good fruit rate of more than 97% and no bleaching spots on the fruits. After inspection, it has reached the international leading level, and the green development center of the Ministry of agriculture has determined it as the raw material for green food production

according to the sensitivity of Red Fuji apples to carbon dioxide, the Preservation Center developed a special MA storage and preservation bag for Red Fuji apples, so that red Fuji apples can be stored for 8 months without carbon dioxide damage and the fruits are fresh as before. The storage of Ma combined with preservative and fresh-keeping film is simple, practical, low-cost and good fresh-keeping effect, which conforms to China's national conditions and promotes the process of agricultural industrialization. Through the study on the storage of many varieties of peach, plum and big cherry, the most suitable peach varieties for long-term low-temperature refrigeration were determined. Through the study on the pre-harvest and post harvest control technology, the most suitable preservative and fresh-keeping film for peach, plum and big cherry were determined, and their storage technology was determined

in the past two years, this technology has been popularized and applied in 21 provinces and cities across the country, and 67 county-level demonstration areas have been established. About 100million new slow-release grape preservatives, 5million sets of double release compound grape preservatives, 1million sets of ball screws like 51 stone fruit preservatives, 1million Fuji Apple preservative bags, and a total storage of fruits of more than 100million kg have been produced, with a cumulative new economic benefit of 300million yuan and a direct economic benefit of 2.7 million yuan

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