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Hang Cha group has made a major breakthrough in the construction of its innovation platform

hang Cha group has made a major breakthrough in the construction of its innovation platform

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in order to speed up the pace of enterprise transformation and upgrading, hang Cha group relies on national enterprise technology centers, actively introduces foreign intelligence such as universities and scientific research institutes, adheres to the innovation concept of combining independent innovation with introduction and absorption, and has made a major breakthrough in the construction of innovation platform, It provides a strong technical support for enterprise technological innovation and product research and development

On January 4, 2016, Zhejiang Provincial Department of science and technology, Zhejiang Provincial Development and Reform Commission, Zhejiang Provincial Economic and Information Commission, and Zhejiang Provincial Department of Finance jointly issued a notice, Hangcha intelligent industry can effectively prevent the spread of fire after aircraft fires. The industrial vehicle research institute was included in the list of provincial key research institutes newly established in Zhejiang Province in 2015

Hangcha intelligent industrial vehicle Research Institute focuses on the relevant technologies of intelligent industrial vehicles, aiming to use robot technology to transform the automation and informatization of traditional industrial vehicles such as forklifts. Its product positioning is mainly trackless navigation heavy-duty AGV. Relying on Hangcha's existing sales network, it strives to seize the market segments such as automobile manufacturing, rubber industry and paper industry with differentiated competitive advantages such as localization and customization

Hangcha group will do a good job in the construction of new provincial key enterprise research institutes in accordance with the Trial Measures for the construction and management of key enterprise research institutes in Zhejiang Province (zhe Zheng Ban Fa [2014] No. 114) and the requirements of the corresponding industrial technology innovation program

II. Hangcha group intelligent industrial vehicle academician workstation was recognized as "2015 Hangzhou academician workstation"

on December 8, "Hangcha group intelligent industrial vehicle academician workstation" was recognized as "2015 Hangzhou academician workstation"

units recognized as Hangzhou academician workstation will be able to apply for "Zhejiang provincial academician workstation" on the basis of obtaining construction funds from the municipal government and passing the examination after one year, And can get the work guidance of Hangzhou academician workstation

"academician workstation of intelligent industrial vehicles of Hangcha group" was established in September 2014, which flexibly introduces academician caihegao of the Chinese Academy of engineering and his team. In the process of implementing independent research and development, it gives full play to the intellectual advantages of academicians and experts, and changes the moving speed of the beam in enterprise strategic consulting, technology research and development, talent training; The transformation of achievements, especially the research and development of intelligent industrial vehicles (AGV) and multi vehicle control systems, plays a supporting and leading role in science and technology, solves some key technical problems, and actively expands the industrialization path of intelligent products

III. The work of the postdoctoral scientific research workstation of Hangcha group is progressing steadily.

the postdoctoral scientific research workstation of Hangcha group is a scientific research institution approved by the Department of human resources and social security of Zhejiang Province to carry out postdoctoral pilot work in December 2012. Hangcha group has established and improved the post doctoral work management system in accordance with the relevant requirements of the regulations on post doctoral Management (Guo Ren Bu Fa [2006] No. 149). In May 2015, the workstation introduced Li Qipeng from Zhejiang University of science and technology as the entry doctor, And organized the research on the key technologies of active explosion-proof of internal combustion vehicles under multi hazard environment "Opening report for the project.

at present, all the work of the workstation is progressing steadily, and the research work of the project has also made preliminary progress. The workstation will continue to do a good job in high-level talent training and technological innovation, give full play to the important role of postdoctoral work in enterprise transformation and development, and promote economic transformation and upgrading. When the pointer of the tensile testing machine swings slightly, it will immediately stop stretching

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