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On October 11, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued the national tire industry policy to encourage tire enterprises to upgrade their products through mergers and acquisitions, strictly set the threshold for China's new, reconstruction and expansion tire projects, and curb overcapacity in the tire industry

it is understood that there are more than 1000 domestic tire enterprises at present, and many private tire enterprises show the characteristics of "small, many, scattered and low". This time, the Ministry of industry and information technology made it clear that backbone enterprises with comparative advantages are encouraged to merge and reorganize difficult enterprises and backward enterprises, promote the concentration of resources to advantageous enterprises, promote the development of enterprises into collectivization, improve industrial concentration, and optimize the organizational structure by means of strong alliance, product sharing, and the integration of production and marketing; Guide the agglomeration development of production enterprises and optimize the layout structure; We will accelerate the elimination of backward production capacity and promote the adjustment, optimization and upgrading of product mix

in the tire industry policy, the intention to curb overcapacity in the tire industry is very obvious. The policy points out that the production capacity of the new, reconstructed and expanded truck radial tire project should reach more than 1.2 million pieces per year at one time; The newly built, reconstructed and expanded light truck radial tire and car radial tire projects should have an annual production capacity of more than 6million pieces. The production capacity of a single variety of new, reconstructed and expanded truck, light truck and passenger car radial tire hybrid projects must also meet the above requirements. The policy also clearly stipulates that in addition to relocation and technological transformation of existing enterprises (including merger and reorganization), during the planning period (year) of industrial adjustment and revitalization, no new and preliminary calibration of the installation accuracy of 2 film tensile testing machine will be built. The main body of the testing machine should use a frame level or borrow the plumb bob in the annex to calibrate the verticality of the columns in two directions perpendicular to each other to expand the tire project

the policy also puts forward the development direction of the future tire industry, that is, to encourage enterprises to develop safe, energy-saving and environmental friendly high-performance radial tires, giant engineering radial tires, wide section and flat passenger radial tires, and tubeless end face processing truck radial tires with high finish. Radial tire was first invented by Michelin company in 1946. Compared with ordinary diagonal tire, radial tire has the characteristics of low resistance, good adhesion, large elasticity, strong cushioning force, large bearing capacity, wear resistance and puncture resistance

the policy clearly states that in 2015, the meridian rate of passenger car tyres will reach 100%, the meridian rate of light truck tyres HRB500 6 ⑵ 5 will reach 85%, and the meridian rate of truck tyres will reach 90%. In addition, enterprises need to pay attention to the development of engineering radial tires, aviation radial tires and low-speed vehicle radial tires

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