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Tips for the maintenance of spray nozzles of inkjet printer

the problem of nozzle blockage during the use of inkjet printer is mainly "prevention first". The best way to keep the nozzle in the best working condition is to do some appropriate and effective daily maintenance to the nozzle every day, which will greatly reduce the possibility of nozzle blockage

I. after the installation of the equipment and at the initial stage of equipment startup, the maintenance of the nozzle

1 in order to make the nozzle enter the best action state, please print as many pictures as possible in one to two days before the equipment officially starts to work, preferably CMYK four colors are used, and C, m, y, K four color test strips are added on both sides of the picture to ensure that all nozzles are always in the inkjet state

2 when painting, it is best to take out the sponge in the cleaning end of the machine together with its bracket

II. How to maintain the nozzle after work every day

1 turn off the power supply of the equipment

2 clean the moisturizing sponge or fresh-keeping film with a special cleaning solution, and then pour the cleaning solution on it

3 move the head of the inkjet printer back to the cleaning end of the machine and closely combine the nozzle with the moisturizing sponge or fresh-keeping film

4 keep the equipment in this state overnight

III. treatment method after finding that the nozzle is slightly blocked

1 after finding that the nozzle is slightly blocked during the operation of the inkjet machine, do not hesitate to pause printing, and then use a vacuum cleaner or manual air pump to spray ink from the nozzle for nozzle cleaning, and then continue printing after cleaning

2 it is very important to deal with the slight blockage of the nozzle in a timely, decisive and thorough manner to maintain the best working condition of the nozzle during the long-term printing process

3 in addition, it is also necessary to carefully check the nozzle and find out the cause of nozzle blockage

IV. treatment methods for frequent nozzle blockage in the process of inkjet painting

1 first stop the inkjet machine, and then move the head of the inkjet machine to the cleaning position

2 keep the equipment power on, connect the auxiliary ink cartridge to the trolley board of the machine head, and unplug all the signal wires of the float switch

3 pull out the ink supply pipe (auxiliary cartridge end) on the nozzle, and then use a glass syringe to extract special cleaning solution to clean the nozzle

4 after cleaning, plug in the ink supply pipe and the float switch signal line again, and then continue the previously suspended printing job

v. treatment methods when the above treatment methods are ineffective or temporarily ineffective

1 Remove the nozzle from the nozzle mounting frame

2. Pour an appropriate amount of special cleaning liquid into the clean glass container, which is suitable to submerge mm at the bottom of the nozzle after being put into the nozzle, and then seal the glass container with fresh-keeping film (anti ash) and let it stand for more than a day

note: the signal interface at the top of the nozzle must not contact the cleaning fluid, otherwise the nozzle will be damaged

3. After the nozzle is soaked, use the ultrasonic cleaner for microwave vibration, pour an appropriate amount of clean special cleaning fluid for the nozzle into the container of the cleaner, and then put the bottom of the nozzle into the cleaning fluid to immerse it for about mm, and then start the cleaner. Please choose a special nozzle cleaner. If you use a general ultrasonic cleaner, you must strictly control the time, which cannot exceed five minutes at most, so as to prevent damage to the nozzle

note: do not use the cleaner for more than three times continuously

4. Draw 40ml special cleaning solution with a glass syringe, inject it from the interface of the ink supply pipe on the upper part of the nozzle, and pay attention to the state of the water line ejected from the nozzle. If all the water lines are straight, it means that the cleaning is effective, and the nozzle can continue to be used (premise: the circuit and piezoelectric crystal are in good condition). If some water lines are still ejected askew, you must follow the second and third steps for several more times

VI. treatment method when the equipment is expected to be out of use for a few days

if the equipment is expected to be out of use for more than two days, the ink in the nozzle must be cleaned, otherwise the ink in the nozzle will dry up due to the gradual volatilization of the solvent, and even cause irreversible damage to the nozzle. The treatment method is as follows:

1 turn off the power supply of the inkjet printer

2 move the machine head to the cleaning position, and put a corrosion-resistant container under the nozzle to contain the cleaning waste liquid

3 use a glass syringe to draw out or directly pour out the ink in the auxiliary ink cartridge, and then use a special cleaning solution to clean the auxiliary ink cartridge

4 pull out the ink supply pipe (from the auxiliary ink cartridge) on the nozzle, and then use a glass syringe to extract special cleaning solution to clean the nozzle for several times. Finally, do not blow out the residual cleaning solution in the nozzle, and be sure to leave enough cleaning solution inside the nozzle, because the cleaning solution can keep the nozzle warm

5 put the treated nozzle into a clean corrosion-resistant container and seal it for storage

precautions for printer operator

1 the printer is sensitive to static electricity, and the ground wire of the equipment should be handled at one time under the guidance of the installer

2 when operating the control board or nozzle, be sure to cut off the main power supply of the inkjet printer first and take anti-static measures

3 the inkjet files in the computer system should be cleaned at any time to ensure that there is enough space in the hard disk

4 painting software cannot open other programs or two painting programs

It is not a skill question to show such an appearance.

5 files cannot be transferred to the computer controlling the inkjet machine during the inkjet process

6 the parameter setting of the computer system cannot be changed casually, especially when reinstalling the system, the setting must be accurate

7 the data transmission cable in the drag chain should be regularly checked for wear and tear to ensure that there is no open circuit; Short circuit and signal interference

8 if the inkjet cloth is too large to move, it will bring horizontal stripes or scraping to the picture, and it will also make the step size of the inkjet cloth inaccurate. You can open the inkjet cloth a little to make the cloth even

9 the parameters of the vertical step are adjusted in the driving software. See the software instructions for the adjustment method

10 the noise of the trolley traveling increases. Check the wear of the sliding block or the head and tail frame bearings

11 do not push the trolley when the motor is charged, otherwise, it is easy to cause various dislocation phenomena

12 the parameters of the driver have been adjusted before leaving the factory, and the user cannot change them without authorization. If the motor fails during use, please observe the motor alarm signal in detail and have it handled by professionals with reference to the instructions

13 the tension of the synchronous belt should be appropriate. If it is too tight or too loose, adjust it with adjusting bolts

14 all pipe interfaces of the ink supply system must ensure no leakage. Check whether the ink supply of the ink cartridge is normal, and ensure that there is no air leakage at the interface of the ink supply pipe of the nozzle, and there is no bubble in the ink supply pipe, otherwise there will be insufficient ink supply

15 if the inking speed is found to be slow, the filter must be checked or replaced

16 ink should be supplied before the nozzle is powered on, because ink is the main way to take away the heat of the nozzle

17 use the trolley cover when the inkjet printer is working to prevent ink from polluting the nozzle, connecting port, nozzle color separation board, etc., otherwise, it is easy to cause short circuit accidents and damage the nozzle

maintenance and repair of inkjet machine

maintenance and repair of inkjet machine is mainly divided into three parts. First, pay attention to a good operating environment; Second, for the use and maintenance of the whole machine; The third is the ink box, which allows the ink to run in a variety of different modes and the necessary maintenance of the nozzle

a clean working environment

1 there is a precision print head in the internal structure of the inkjet machine, so mechanical collision and vibration should be avoided during placement and daily use. The machine should be placed stably

2 because the aperture size of the nozzle is equivalent to the dust floating in the space, the nozzle will be blocked if the working environment is too poor. So keep the environment clean

3 the working environment temperature of the inkjet printer should not be too high to prevent the mechanical parts and nozzles of the inkjet printer from being rusted

b use and maintenance of the whole machine

1 as for the maintenance of the whole machine, it is mainly to pay attention to the cleaning of the printer, so the regular cleaning of the whole machine is a daily compulsory course for users. Due to the infection of dust and printing debris in the air, it is easy to damage the fragile main printing components of the printer, resulting in printing failures. Therefore, in addition to providing a good working environment, we should also develop the good habit of cleaning the printer regularly. When cleaning, generally wipe the outside of the machine with clean water to remove the deposited dust. Then clean the inside of the printer with a soft brush, smooth dry cloth or alcohol cotton ball, and wipe away all the dust inside the machine.... Note: the main power supply of the machine must be turned off before cleaning

2 the bearings and guide rails of the inkjet printer shall be cleaned regularly and smeared with engine oil

3 regularly replace or clean the filter and ink path system, and spray only where necessary

cleaning method of common nozzle

method of cleaning 128 nozzle:

1 after removing the nozzle, drain the ink inside, and then inject the cleaning solution to soak for more than ten hours

2 use small ultrasonic wave to vibrate the nozzle. Every time it vibrates, use a syringe to draw back from the ink inlet once, and the vibration time each time shall not exceed three minutes

3 the second step is to do it several times continuously until the ink jet is turned off in a straight line when the cleaning solution is used

4 if the effect is not obvious after ultrasonic vibration, let it soak for a longer time, and then repeat the second step

reasons for plug

because the ink of a certain color is not sprayed for a long time or the use temperature of the nozzle rises, the ink in the static state dries and agglomerates on the inner wall of the nozzle. Moreover, if it cannot be cleaned in time, the nozzle may not be able to be cleaned when its drying degree is relatively severe. Therefore, when cleaning the nozzle, the plug is found and cleaned immediately

methods to prevent the nozzle

1 the voltage of the nozzle is not easy to be too high to prevent the nozzle from heating and causing the inner wall to dry

2 ink viscosity is not easy to be too large

3 sprinklers that do not use a certain color for a long time should be cleaned in time

4 protect the use and maintenance of the nozzle when stopping spraying.

print out the test value.

1 the socket of the nozzle cannot be touched by hand to prevent oxidation

2 during installation, the nozzle socket must be aligned and cannot be hard inserted. If the pinhole is inserted badly, the nozzle cannot work normally

3 the nozzle socket cannot be filled with ink, cleaning fluid, etc., and the contaminated socket can be cleaned with alcohol

4 when using the nozzle, a good heat dissipation environment must be maintained, otherwise the nozzle circuit is easy to be damaged

5 electrostatic damage to the nozzle circuit is very serious. When operating the nozzle or contacting the nozzle plug-in board, the operator must eliminate the electrostatic factor

6 if the nozzle is disconnected during the spraying process, the spraying must be suspended for suction. If the nozzle is seriously blocked, the nozzle can be cleaned with cleaning fluid, and then the ink can be sucked out. Note: the nozzle with serious blockage will cause color difference after cleaning

7 using the inking function and cleaning strip function provided by the inkjet program can ensure that all color nozzles will spit ink regularly during inkjet

8 after painting, seal the protective film on the surface of the nozzle

9 inkjet machines using solvent based ink will encounter the trouble of plugging. One of the reasons for plugging is that after the ink solvent volatilizes, the ink particles condense in the nozzle, causing the nozzle to be blocked. The second reason is that there are impurities in the ink, or react with a solution agent to produce foreign matter, which is blocked in the nozzle. The way to prevent it is to use the filter device, and the ink cartridge cannot

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