Maintenance skills of the hottest steel wire rope

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Maintenance skills of wire rope chain block

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wire rope chain block is also known as wire rope tractor. It is a new 10 Experimental rotation direction: two-way, efficient, safe and durable lifting machinery products, with three functions of lifting, traction and tension

maintenance skills of steel wire rope chain block:

1. After each operation, first wipe the mud, dust or oil adhering to the loose end steel wire rope, loosen the jaw, pull out the steel wire rope, wind the steel wire rope around the collection rack in sequence, wipe the full length steel wire rope, and store the steel wire rope in a dry place to prevent rust

2. The steel wire rope chain block should be maintained at least 4 times a year, such as cleaning the machine parts with diesel oil and lubricating with calcium based lubricating grease

3. When mud, cement or other dirt is poured into the movement, it can be washed with clean water and then cleaned with diesel oil; Apply calcium base grease after cleaning and drying; Finally, loosen the jaws, wipe the grease and water on the jaws with clean cotton yarn, and pull the gourd to promote the development of the shipping industry

4. When the jaw is worn and the bearing capacity is less than 80% of the rated load, the jaw should be replaced; When the diameter of the steel wire rope is reduced by 10%, the steel wire rope should be replaced so that the service life of the wrench hoist will be long

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