Hottest September 26 Asian pure benzene price fell

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On September 26, the price of pure benzene in Asia fell by $10/ton

following the decline of upstream crude oil, the price of pure benzene in Asia fell by $10/ton with good stability. U.S. monthly crude oil futures fell $2.44 per barrel to $59.07 per barrel. The decline of crude oil also made buyers gradually exit and choose to wait and see. Within days, the best offer for goods of any shipping date in November comes from MBK, and the price is $800/ton FOB South Korea. What "treasures" do ulsan/onsan have that can't be missed? 1 Let's take a look at this year's exhibition/yeosu large berth port shipment. The best offer/offer in December comes from winsway and bp/vitol, and the price is FOB South Korea, ulsan/onsan/yeosu large berth port. The price difference between the second half of October and the first half of November is still $40/ton, and the supply may be tight in the second half of October. In terms of supply, Korean spot pure benzene supply may decline slightly, and LG Chemical's 160000 T/a styrene plant will restart. Due to the sluggish profits, the device was closed on March 20. A company official said that in the future, five ships of cargo will be sold every month in the spot market. In terms of contracts, the price advocated by the Nippon Oil contract in October was $870/ton CFR Asia, down $5/ton from the price in September. The overall bearish atmosphere this week is also the main factor for the decline in prices. In terms of devices, Taiwan chemical fiber closed the No.2 aromatic compound device located in Mailiao, and expanded its production for a period of days from September 21. The pure benzene capacity of the device is 10000 tons/year, especially in the automobile manufacturing industry, medical supplies industry and consumer electronics industry

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